Commercial Photo Gallery

Roof Leak

The picture shows the loss of a commercial building fromm a roof leak in Glendale, CA. SERVPRO of Central Glendale did an inspection and the next day they started to work.

Water Go Away !

This location was located in Glendale, CA. The cause of loss was a roof leak in a commeical building. The owner was very surprised that we did the cleaning up so fast.

Glendale Hotel Floods Due to Water Damage

When the pipe on the third floor burst, the hotel manager quickly realized that this was an emergency. There were guests staying in the hotel and there was water everywhere, including the lobby. SERVPRO of Central Glendale arrived at the new hotel within an hour and began to work.

Bathroom in hotel room

The room where the pipe burst was also having issues with the toilet. As you can see, technicians removed the toilet to make sure the water stopped leaking during that time. 

Hotel Damage-Technicians

Technicians worked hard to make sure the hotel was restored correctly after the water damage. If mold became an issue, the hotel would not be able to provide rooms to their guests. 

Hotel Water Damage

A brand new hotel in Glendale, CA was affected by water damage. The water damage started on the third floor and affected all other floors. The water damage went through the walls and even affected the floor. The walls had to be torn down to avoid mold.