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When Rainwater Damage Attacked a Glendale Property

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Photo of hallway with evenly cut out dry wall and drying equipment. SERVPRO of Central Glendale to the rescue! Extracting water with the best equipment.

Discovering a flood in the restroom and rooms of this finance office in Central Glendale was not making the property manager happy. After the not so common rain came to Los Angeles, it did some major damage to the carpet, drywall and baseboards. When we did our walk through with the property manager of the commercial building, our production manager suggested what should be done. After all of his questions had been answered, he was confident that we would have his building in tip top shape and the finance office back in business.

Our SERVPRO technicians began to measure every inch of the drywall to see exactly how much moisture was soaked up. After doing a sketch of the entire office and marking where the water damage was, we began to extract excess water from the carpet and dried it in place. As for the drywall, we had to do some demolition and cut about 1 foot up from the floor. This was not too bad, since we saved the rest of the wall in the office. We had a very trusted vendor do the reconstruction, while our team was closely involved.

The property manager was happy to see that we performed and completed everything that had to be done in under two weeks. If you would like to schedule an inspection for storm damage that has happened to your commercial property, call us at 818-246-2200 and we will explain the next step to you.

Saving a Glendale Office from a Soggy Carpet

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Photo of technician holding equipment against ceiling to measure moisture Our team is on standby and is ready to help whenever you need us.

Rain can be unpredictable enough, but when storm damage is involved it can make matters even more complicated. In fact, this office located in Glendale, California for example experienced just that. Through the holiday season, they were closed for business and did not discover the damage from the rain until the office manager returned two days later.

When she and the rest of the staff saw that every inch of the carpet was soaked and files in cardboard boxes have been saturated, they began to panic. When we arrived on the scene, we let them know everything was going to be okay. Our production team began to extract water immediately from the wet carpet while the production manager measured what areas were wet and which were dry in the corners. After thoroughly checking for moisture, extracting all water and drying for a few days, we were able to save the carpet, saving the office and property manager hundreds of dollars.

If you have water damage due to a recent storm, let our office help! Give us a call at (818) 246-2200 to schedule an inspection today. Our team is standing by and would be happy to help.  

Storm Flooding at a Glendale Elementary School

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

Photo of hallway with equipment placed on each side. We believe in restoring before replacing.

When the teachers, staff and students went on Thanksgiving break, no one expected the heavy rains to flood an entire section of their classrooms. The recent storms damaged multiple classrooms, completely saturating the carpets, baseboards and drywall with rainwater. When our technicians arrived at the Glendale elementary school, the staff worried that it would not be reversible. After the water extraction wands began to immediately suck the water up from the carpet, they were overjoyed.

We moved desks, chairs, wet boxes filled with paperwork and even a few instruments out of the rooms (content manipulation) and saved as much as possible for the teachers and students. We did not even have to cut any drywall, since our certified crew strategically drilled holes into it and dried it out. Just one way our experienced professionals dry out water damage.

We believe in restoring versus replacing, saving you thousands of dollars and precious time. If you have recently experienced water damage from the rain, do not hesitate to give SERVPRO of Central Glendale a call at 818-246-2200 and set up an inspection today.

SERVPRO Techs Are Fast, Experienced and Certified

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

Hallway in a compartment store with 6 fans lines up. Our technicians are highly trained to know what is exactly needed for any damage.

It may seem like an easy task to restore and clean after a water flood or fire, but our techs are
professionally trained to make it look easy. The truth is, each person on our production team has gone
through extensive training. In order to be a technician, they must attend classes for each of the services
that we offer.

Did you know there is a science behind drying? There are many techniques of how to dry say, hardwood
floor or even behind drywall (if it can be saved, that is). There are certain aspects to look out for when
extracting water. Does the job require our water extracting wands? Or is it going to need something
bigger? By being certified by the IICRC, it guarantees you expertise and quality work.

Be Storm Prepared with These Helpful Tips

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

Foggy, overcast mountain from high way. Be prepared for the next storm that hits, our tips can be helpful.

As busy as we are every day, the last thing on anyone’s mind is storm damage. From our experience,
when business and homeowners are storm prepared, they usually avoid watery situations. Imagine
stepping into a puddle of water inside your building in complete darkness! Follow these storm damage
tips and be prepared for the next rainfall that comes.
-Have a battery powered radio handy for the latest news
-Keep a flashlight handy with spare batteries
-Check for any storm warnings and weather advisories
-Be sure there is a good amount of canned and packaged food available
-Always keep a two-week water supply for every person in your household
If the storm has already hit your business or place of residence, reach out to us and give us a call at
(818) 246-2200.

We Can Get the Job Done from Beginning to End

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

Google notification stating SERVPRO Of Central Glendale has a 5 star rating. Find out why we are rated 5 stars on Google and why our customers love us!

We take pride in knowing that our SERVPRO has some of the best people in restoration on the team. Each tech specializes in water damage, fire damage and mold remediation, but what about putting your home back together?

You will be happy not know that our list of contacts is quite long! We maintain excellent repertoire with many specialists like plumbers, general contractor and electricians just to name a few. We work with these partners and highly recommend them. Our main goal is to get your home or office back to how it was before the emergency. Contact us for recommendations today!

When it comes to water damage and mold remediation, it is common for our techs to remove affected drywall and/or ceiling. Rest assured, the reconstruction will be completed for you with people we trust.

Preparing for the L.A. Rain

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

Photo of hallway at an office with water on marble floor. Collect as much water to help prevent more damage.

Southern California tends to be sunny and dry through most of the year. Now that the rains are coming
down in Los Angeles, it is important for homeowners and business owners alike to take precautionsthat save can save you time and money in the long run. 

A Leaky Roof
It is easy to forget about in southern California, but a roof leak can turn things sour quick, causing
damage to the ceiling, carpets, hardwood floors and furniture. As a safety precaution, we suggest
tarping your roof with a thick plastic and weighing each of the 4 corners down with weights.

Prepare with Sandbags
If a heavy rainfall is predicted, it is a good idea to line your front entryway, back and crawlspace with
sandbags. This will block the water from flooding your home and minimize the chance of water damage.

Mop Up and Blot Excess Water
If water has already found its way into your home, do mope it up and dry quickly with towels (microfiber
towels absorb even more moisture). Collecting as much moisture as possible as fast as possible will help
from further damage.

If you are experiencing water damage from the L.A. rains, give us a call at (818) 246-2200 and speak to
one of our water specialists to schedule an appointment.

Water Damage Tips you Need to Know

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

Technician facing his back checking moisture reader, equipment placed on floor, hole on wall located in right corner. If you come across a major water leak due to a pipe burst, try to shut the main water line off immediately.

When you walk into your place of residence or business and see that there is a watery mess everywhere, it is understandable to panic, be confused and not know where to start. Our best advice to you is to remain calm and give SERVPRO of Central Glendale a call. After this important phone call has been made, here are a few things to keep in mind when water damage has happened.

Water Damage Tips You Need to Know

  • Stop the source of the leak if possible. If a major water leak happened due to a pipe burst, shut the main water line off and give a plumber a call
  • If your home is completely flooded, the safest thing to do is to turn the power off to avoid any real danger. Remember, water and electricity do not mix.
  • Be careful when picking up cardboard boxes, coats, rugs and anything else that maybe on the floor. Water makes adds a lot more weight, making them extra heavy
  • While waiting for our crew to get there (usually within the hour) try to soak up some of the moisture with towels, brooms or squeegees. The longer the water settles, the more damage it can cause

If you have more questions about water damage tips or are experiencing water damage right now, give us a call at 818-246-2200 and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

Why Ash is Messy When Cleaning

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

Technician on top of scaffolding cleaning a second floor outside window.  All of our technicians have received the best training and knowledge to get the job done.

When a water or fire damage strikes, the aftermath can be stressful and a whole lot of messy. Did you know fire and water emergencies require major cleanup by specialists?

When a fire occurs, it is burning not only wood but everything else that makes up a structure. This includes insulation, paint, drywall, vinyl and plaster to name a few. Because these materials are not meant to be burned (the components can be harmful), the ash, soot and debris requires a specialist to handle it.

Ash for example is not easy to clean. Once wiped, it will smear and make the walls or furniture discolored. It can easily be sent up into the air when wiped just to settle back onto another section of your home or office. SERVPRO of  Central Glendale‘s commercial grade cleaning products gets the ash cleaned fast and our technicians have gone through hours of training for the knowledge on how to do so. 

If you are having trouble with the aftermath of a fire, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 818-246-2200 to speak to a specialist today.

Water Damage and What NOT to Do

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

Open ceiling caused by water damage in dinning room area above a china cabinet Water damage requires specialized air movers to dry out any moisture that may still be present.

Stepping into a huge puddle of water as you enter your residence can cause immediate stress to both you and your family. What you do next is very crucial in causing even more damage to your home or not. If you ever find yourself in this situation, keep these tips in mind to avoid further damage to your home.

What NOT to Do with Water Damage

  • Inspect to see if it is even safe to enter back into the home. If the water has completely flooded the structure, we suggest staying out until help arrives. This also depends on how the water leak happened. Toilet overflow? We suggest staying out. Water pipe leak from the kitchen sink? You would most likely be able to enter 
  • Never try to use a vacuum cleaner to suck puddles of water up. The typical household vacuum is not meant to handle water of any kind and can be very dangerous-never attempt
  • Do not try to turn lights and other ceiling fixtures on as the wiring can be damage or there may be water inside the light bulbs. Be very cautious 
  • Do not try to use portable fans to dry out the affected areas. Water damage calls for specialized air movers to dry out any moisture that may still be present including under your floors and drywall 

For more information about water damage and what not to do, give us a call at (818) 246-2200 and speak to one of our specialists today! We are always happy to help.