Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Damage in Glendale

This family’s Glendale home suffered from a fire caused by the stovetop. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERVPRO... READ MORE

Mold Infestation in Glendale

This Glendale family discovered extensive microbial growth in their home, thanks to water damage that went undetected for 2 months. Believe it or not, mold prob... READ MORE

Storm Damage

This property was damage due to the heavy storms that CA has been having and it literally cause damage to the roof of a church. The before picture shows how the... READ MORE


This church is located in the Pasadena, CA area and due to the heavy rain it cause a few damages on the roof and the basement of the building. The before pictur... READ MORE


Mold grows beneath a house due to water damage that has be clean up. Mold can travel from the basement all the way to kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Usu... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold

This was located in California City in a home where water was left to dry without it being cleaned. Mold started to grow everywhere in the house it started from... READ MORE

School on Fire

This location was in Los Angeles area where the school caught on fire from the basement area. The fire mostly got the some of the classrooms and some of the uti... READ MORE

Burned Away

This location was at school around the Los Angeles area. As you can see in the before picture how roughly the fire cause half the buliding to get on fire and da... READ MORE

Flooded Room

This location was in the Los Angeles area where the result was a pipe burst. The water was at least four inches deep in the room at a church. The after picture ... READ MORE

Pipe Burst

This flooding room in Glendale, CA was the result of a pipe burst. The water was at least 6 inches deep in the room at a church. Water usually gets diffcult to ... READ MORE