What our Customers say...


So happy with their services. The staff and their crew is beyond professional and helpful. They took on a big job at my house and they finished right on time. They are reliable. 5 well deserved starts.

I had smoke and soot in my house and needed it to be cleaned. I hired SERVPRO of central Glendale through my home insurance. It was so easy to work with them. The crew was so professional and helpful. They kept in contact with me the entire time. I recommend them.

I cannot explain how amazing SERVPRO of central Glendale is! They took care of a water damage job in my new home within just a few days! I recently bought a house and had no idea the headache that could come with one! I had a bathroom pipe burst and my whole bathroom and hallway was filled with water! I told a co worker and she told me to call SERVPRO of central Glendale. I still thank her for that referral! They came and told me exactly what happened and what they needed to do to fix the issue. They left driers around the house to make sure the walls and floors were dried professionally so that we wouldn't run into issue with mold (since the floors are wood). Within a few days...Wallaaa! Back to normal! I couldn't thank them enough. Call them for your restoration needs. You won't regret it!


It may seem unreasonable to find any company with so many 5-stars, but this is true.

I am going make a wish that all businesses and all service providers are like SERVPRO of Glendale. For a moment, let's forget the company itself, but concentrate on the people and the level of service they provide.

The team arrived shortly after placing our initial call to take care of a flooded basement. Besides quickly taking care of the area, the came back a few days later to demo some walls and carpeting. I still don't know where all the dust and dirt went. The SERVPRO guys were so professional, clean, and courteous. It's as if they weren't in our house, but the work was done within a week. At the end of the work, we were left with almost 50 empty SERVPRO shipping boxes, which they came back to pick up at no extra charge.

Besides the work they did on our house, they dealt with our insurance company and made sure everything was in order, from paperwork to payment, etc.

Highly recommend THIS branch of SERVPRO; caution, as most SERVPROS are branches/franchises, and I cannot comment on how the other branches do.

The crew here is awesome! I can't thank them enough for taking care of my business. They knew exactly what had to be done.  The previous company just 'painted' over it and claimed that they got rid of the issue. SERVPRO of Central Glendale really takes care of their customers. Thank you a bunch!

Great service. I had a pleasant experience with SERVPRO of Central Glendale. They truly portray what the company stands for.  I was expecting my business to stay closed for months. They finished the work fast and I was able to open within a few weeks. 5 well deserved stars!

SERVPRO of Central Glendale did an amazing job on my roof after we had a storm. They came in and started to clean the house within two days my roof was clean and looke brand new again!

I am happy that my relative recommended them to me. They cleaned up my home after I had a small water damage. During the storm I had roof leakage. They did an amazing job! Thank you SERVPRO of Central Glendale!

My kitchen stove caught on fire when my wife was cooking food. The next day I call SERVPRO of Central Glendale within one hour, they came and did an inspection. They came , cleaned up the mess within two days!

SERVPRO of Central Glendale was very professional, organize, and were polite. They started the very next day and I had my buliding back to normal after four days!

SERVPRO was very good at what they were doing. They were quick to come and start the process of cleaning. I was very impressed when they finished the damages within a week. 

I had discovered mold in my house when I was cleaning, once I saw it, I immediately called SERVPRO of Central Glendale and they came within an hour. They did an inspection, the next day came over to my house and started to do their job. I was ver impressed on how fast and organize they were. 

My apartment got flooded from a pond that is located in the center of my building. Once that happened I called SERVPRO of Central Glendale right away. Once they received the call, thirty minutes later they came to do an inspection. They are great with their timing and their dedication!

My office flooded due to a pipe burst and it was a disaster. All of our stuff was wet and damaged. SERVPRO came right away and packed our stuff away and dried up the rest of our belongings and the basement floor by leaving their equipment there. We were all distressed and worried but the crew promised us that everything would be fine...and it was! After they were done with the place it looked brand new and like nothing ever happened. Thank you SERVPRO!

My office experienced a pipe burst a little while ago. Almost everything in the office was wet! I had never experienced such a thing so I was lost and didn't know who to call. A friend referred me to SERVPRO of central Glendale, thankfully! They used high tech equipment to make sure all the water was dried and even came back to make sure that there was no mold growth.  I would highly recommend their professional services. Thank you!

When I had fire damage months ago, I was very stressed out. SERVPRO of Central Glendale was the company that took care of the fire damage that was left behind. It all started with a spark from a wire. The crew was very nice and professional. They told me the process and how long it would take. They finished on time. 

I had my roof "repaired" in the past. Clearly, that company did not do a good job. I went through insurance and they sent over SERVPRO of Central Glendale. SERVPRO, overall, is a wonderful restoration company. I was happy that they were the ones I was going to work with. Ricardo is very friendly and helpful. He understood the stress levels we were in. The roof is now repaired and I no longer have issues. Thank you.

Thank you SERVPRO of Central Glendale! This is a very pleasant company to deal with. I am happy that my relative recommended them to me. They cleaned up my home after I had a small water damage. During the storm I had roof leakage. Ricky is an excellent technician. He's the one I dealt with through the entire process. Thank you SERVPRO, again.

I needed a carpet cleaning. I had a small fire  damage and I needed a restoration company asap to help me since I'm a business owner and my time is very valuable.I contacted SERVPRO of Central Glendale and scheduled an appointment. They made the entire process very easy and hassle free. I appreciate everything you guys did to help me in this time of need.

A very fine company. I highly recommend. After getting the run around from other companies, I called SERVPRO of Central Glendale. Mike is a straight shooter, he does what he says. The crew came to do the work and they were great also. I love how they handle situations and get straight to work and make sure to finish on time. I have referred many people to them already.

Months ago when I had water damage in my home due to a storm (roof leak), I contacted my insurance and they sent SERVPRO of Central Glendale over. I had never used them so I didn't know what to expect. The entire crew was very professional and friendly. They made sure to clean up after themselves, too. I am impressed with the way they conduct business and care about customer satisfaction. Thank you!

SERVPRO of Central Glendale is a very professional company. I have dealt with SERVPRO in the past and they never disappoint me. I had mold in my basement and needed to have it cleaned ASAP. I scheduled an appointment with them and they arrived on time and began to work. Within no time, the mold was gone. They really know what they're doing. I recommend their services.  

So thankful for SERVPRO of Central Glendale! They came to the rescue after we had fire damage. They were very nice and sympathetic to the situation. They made us feel very comfortable and let us take our time to deal with this stress. I appreciate your help! 

SERVPRO of Central Glendale has the best crew. They were so professional and prompt. They didn't give us the run around and finished work on our commercial unit quickly. I am very impressed with their services. I will definitely be using them again in the near future if we need their services. 

Mold is a bigger issue than I ever knew! Thanks to SERVPRO of Central Glendale, they made sure to take care of it before it got even more out of hand. Excellent service! Thank you guys!!!

Very friendly and professional business! They're worth giving a call when you are in need of their serviced. You will not regret it. I have used other restoration companies but no ones service is like SERVPRO's.

My apartment windows had mold so I called my landlord. He wasn't sure who he should call so my husband said we should give SERVPRO of Central Glendale a call. From the receptionist to the crew, everyone was very friendly and helpful! 

Amazing job done! Thanks for listening to what the issue was and executing on time. Will be referring people to you guys! Thanks again!

Two Words: Thank you!!! I couldn't thank you guys more for taking care of the mold on my windows. Thank you for being on time and professional. 

Thank you SERVPRO of Central Glendale for taking care of the issues I was having with mold and water damage. You guys were more than professional! I will be recommending your business to family and friends. 

My ceiling was leaking due to the storm. Someone referred me to SERVPRO of Central Glendale and boy, I do not regret it. The crew was nice, caring, knew exactly what they were doing, and finished the job quick. Thank you SERVPRO! 

SERVPRO of Central Glendale does an amazing job! Thank you for being very helpful when my family and I needed it the most. They treated us like family and made sure we were happy! 

Thank you SERVPRO of Central Glendale for cleaning the NASTY mold from my basement. Now I can hang out in a clean and healthy environment! You guys were great.

Thank you SERVPRO of Central Glendale for helping with the cleaning of smoke and soot from my house! You guys were amazing!!!

My house had water damage which was taken care of. However, my house was covered in mold in certain areas that I did not notice. Someone pointed it out to me and that's when SERVPRO of Central Glendale came to the rescue! They were prompt, professional, friendly, and caring. Best part was, they got the job done fast! I have a little girl so it was very important that the job was taken care of quickly since mold is bad for our health! Amazing service! Thanks to Mike and his amazing crew!

Amazing amazing service! My parents house had water damage so I contacted SERVPRO of central Glendale. They were quick, professional, caring, and very friendly. They made sure everything was dry and put in place before the job was down. I will contact them again if I need their service.

I had water damage at my residence. I called SERVPRO of CG and they were prompt, knowledgeable, and very professional. They told me the process that we had to go through and got the job done very efficiently. I will definitely be using SERVPRO of CG again! Thanks guys!

Boy, what a service!

Within 30 minutes of my initial call, SERVPRO of Central Glendale was at my doorsteps. 5 days later, there was no sign of any water damage. These guys are professionals, the restoration went as a breeze. I highly recommend them.

SOOO...we woke up to a burst hot water pipe under the house. It must have been going on through the night without us waking up from it, because there was a lot of standing water under the house and steamed up windows in the house. We had no idea what to do and a friend recommended we call SERVPRO of CENTRAL GLENDALE. She had used that specific one and highly recommended them. So we called and within an hour had them arrive to check out what was going on. They confirmed what we thought that there was moisture in the walls and floors. They put fans in all the areas affected and also under the house. Fast forward to a week or so later, there was still moisture in the walls and we were told that the dry walls/hardwood floors need to be cut into so they can dry it and mold doesn't form. They completely packed all our stuff (I need to call these guys next time we want to move!) and did a very thorough job with drying out our walls. With having 3 kids under 4 I wasn't going to take a chance with mold. The job was done right and completely taken care of. I also want to add that they were very clean. The guys cleaned up after themselves every time they left and were very courteous when there. It's never comfortable to have strangers in your house and it's very stressful when your family is going through something like this, but if you're in the situation, I highly recommend SERVPRO of central Glendale!!

I had a water damage and didn't know what to do. Called my insurance agent and was referred to SERVPRO as one of their vendors list. I am so glad I called SERVPRO of Glendale. They advertise "like it never happened" and it's true. They came in within the hour, dried my house, covered all work areas (for the dust), dealt with my adjuster. VERY polite and professional management and crew. I highly recommend them, if you ever have water, fire or mold damage called them, they are available 24/7 and you will always get a live person answering the phone:)