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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Attic Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Here is a before and after picture of a residential attic that needed to be cleaned. Visibly, soot is a dusty black powder that appears as a by-product of fire ... READ MORE

Water Damage to Ceiling

In the before photo, you can see the ceiling water damage. Our team tore down that area and dried it up using our equipment. What can make a leak especially dif... READ MORE

Ceiling Leak in Home

Water follows the easiest path until it reaches the lowest point or obstruction along that path where it begins to pool and leak. A thorough inspection and elim... READ MORE

Basement Damage in Home

A flooded basement is a disaster no homeowner should have to face, but when it happens, it’s important to respond in a safe, sensible way. The best route ... READ MORE

Water Damage and Cleaning

There was a small leak in the basement of this California home. Overtime, the leak spread through to the corners of the basement and caused mold and bacteria to... READ MORE

Water Damage to Wood Floors

The wooden floors in this California home was damaged due to a water leak from the ceiling. Not only was the ceiling damaged, but the water raised the wood floo... READ MORE

Roof Damaged Due to Storm, CA

The roof of this California home was damaged due to a recent storm. The residents realized there was water leaking from the ceiling. They went to the roof and r... READ MORE

Water Damage Inside Glendale Home

This house had water damage in Glendale was due to a pipe that burst within the floors. With wood floors, it was very important to have professionals make sure ... READ MORE

Bedroom Water Damage

This house in the Los Angeles area has come into a broken pipe that burst all over the house especially the bedroom. We come across many houses that have been a... READ MORE

Sink Water Damage

A pipe burst in the back house unit of this Glendale, CA home. Broken pipes and pipes bursting causes most of the water damage that we come across. To get to th... READ MORE

Water Damage to Walls

To make sure the walls don't grow mold, it is vital that technicians use the correct equipment to check humidity levels in the walls after water damage. After d... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Glendale Home

Although this is not a big damage, this Glendale home had a little bit of flooding after their ceiling cracked due to the storm. Water started to creep through ... READ MORE

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It's common for trash and dirt to collect on the streets or in corners of buildings after a storm or after it rains. Storms usually tend to leave lots of trash,... READ MORE

Water Damage In Garage

We’ve all left the garage door open on numerous occasions, and our kids seem determined to do it, if for no reason other than to drive us crazy. But not o... READ MORE

Mold in Garage

This Glendale home experienced mold in their garage after water damage. Mold is not an easy thing to deal with and must be professionally cured. Once you see mo... READ MORE

Mold Covered The Walls

In this Glendale home you can see that the mold covered the walls. This is very bad for your health as well as other things. Mold can get you really sick if you... READ MORE

Mold in Glendale Apartment

Mold grew in a part of a Glendale apartment building. Mold is much deeper issue than what the eye can see. Mold could travel anywhere starting from the attic al... READ MORE

Mold After Pipe Burst

In many cases, we see a pipe burst of some sort of water damage that needs to be repaired. In this instance, a Glendale home had water damage after a pipe burst... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Elementary School

This school in a close by the city experienced fire damage after the school caught on fire. It damaged several rooms, supplies, furniture, books and etc. The fi... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Classrooms

The fire damage in Glendale, CA was the result of a fish tank glass that broke and caught on fire. Usually fire starts off small, but when it catches onto somet... READ MORE


This room was destoryed by the fire in a school in Glendale, CA. As you can see in the before picture how badly a fire can destroy something so valuable. Fire c... READ MORE

Water, Go away !

This office building is located in Glendale, CA and the cause of this water damage was due to a roof leak. This damaged almost all the rooms in office and the r... READ MORE

Oh My! There is a fire !

This property is located in the Los Angeles area. The fire damage occurred in a school classroom and than it spread to half of the buliding. This fire was cause... READ MORE

Water Bomb

This flooded room in Irwindale, CA was the result of fire sprinkler go off during business hours. The cleaning process for the water damage took about a week an... READ MORE

Water Problems

This water damage is located in the Los Angeles area and the cause of it was the sprinklers inside the buliding went off. The damaged area started around the af... READ MORE

Water Damage

This location is around the Los Angeles area and was the result of a roof leak that occurred out of no where. Usually roof leaks are caused by the ac units and/... READ MORE

Pipe Burst

This flooding room in Glendale, CA was the result of a pipe burst. The water was at least 6 inches deep in the room at a church. Water usually gets diffcult to ... READ MORE

Flooded Room

This location was in the Los Angeles area where the result was a pipe burst. The water was at least four inches deep in the room at a church. The after picture ... READ MORE

Burned Away

This location was at school around the Los Angeles area. As you can see in the before picture how roughly the fire cause half the buliding to get on fire and da... READ MORE

School on Fire

This location was in Los Angeles area where the school caught on fire from the basement area. The fire mostly got the some of the classrooms and some of the uti... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold

This was located in California City in a home where water was left to dry without it being cleaned. Mold started to grow everywhere in the house it started from... READ MORE


Mold grows beneath a house due to water damage that has be clean up. Mold can travel from the basement all the way to kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Usu... READ MORE


This church is located in the Pasadena, CA area and due to the heavy rain it cause a few damages on the roof and the basement of the building. The before pictur... READ MORE

Storm Damage

This property was damage due to the heavy storms that CA has been having and it literally cause damage to the roof of a church. The before picture shows how the... READ MORE