Recent Before & After Photos

Roof Damaged Due to Storm, CA

The roof of this California home was damaged due to a recent storm. The residents realized there was water leaking from the ceiling. They went to the roof and r... READ MORE

Water Damage to Wood Floors

The wooden floors in this California home was damaged due to a water leak from the ceiling. Not only was the ceiling damaged, but the water raised the wood floo... READ MORE

Water Damage and Cleaning

There was a small leak in the basement of this California home. Overtime, the leak spread through to the corners of the basement and caused mold and bacteria to... READ MORE

Basement Damage in Home

A flooded basement is a disaster no homeowner should have to face, but when it happens, it’s important to respond in a safe, sensible way. The best route ... READ MORE

Ceiling Leak in Home

Water follows the easiest path until it reaches the lowest point or obstruction along that path where it begins to pool and leak. A thorough inspection and elim... READ MORE

Water Damage to Ceiling

In the before photo, you can see the ceiling water damage. Our team tore down that area and dried it up using our equipment. What can make a leak especiall... READ MORE

Attic Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Here is a before and after picture of a residential attic that needed to be cleaned. Visibly, soot is a dusty black powder that appears as a by-product of ... READ MORE